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POCACITO at CITYLINK Festival 2017 in Copenhagen, September 23

We are excited to be part of the CityLink Festival in Copenhagen, September 21 to 24, 2017. Our session will be:   POCACITO Leveraging the diversity and dynamism of cities to discover urban solutions for the sustainability revolution   Saturday, September 23, 4 to 6pm at Aalborg University Over two years…

POCACITO coming to Minneapolis, Memphis and Detroit

September 19, 2016 No Comments

From September 25 to 30, POCACITO will host a series of meetings in Minneapolis, Memphis and Detroit to explore the post-carbon future for these three US cities. Our very special guests on the road will be Chiara Lucchini, an architect from Turin, Italy, focusing on revitalizing industrial sites for business, residential and…

POCACITO Invites You to Germany

March 11, 2016No Comments

We are currently accepting applications for the inaugural POCACITO tour in Germany. You can find more information and submit your application here.  

(Renewable) Energy Capital of the World?

Houston’s commercial real estate market boomed in 2015, with the oil industry plans to expand. But the oil market’s bust has made uncertainty the rule in 2016. The lights are still on in Houston, though, as the city finds different ways to renew its status as energy capital of the world….

Las Vegas: Sustainable oasis or mirage?

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s statement in one of the early Democratic Presidential debates, “We’re here in Las Vegas, one of the most sustainable cities in America,” was widely shared on social media and met with disbelief.   I'm still blown away that O'Malley called Las Vegas "one of the most…

Urban Gardens Flood Denver’s Food Deserts

February 8, 2016No Comments

  According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 23.5 million people live in food deserts and 14% of American households were food insecure in 2014. The USDA’s definition of a food desert is a low-income census tract where a substantial number or share of residents has low-access (more…

Step 3: Lay some vinyl

We began by scoping street art in Lisbon. We walked the stories, past and future, of Houston and Turin. Now, for our third step for sustainability, we explore the idea of resiliency, what makes a city resilient, and find ourselves wholly entertained by the sounds of Milan and Memphis.  …

Step 2: Go for a walk

We began the Steps for Sustainability in Lisbon, seeking inspiration from street artists on how to reimagine cities. Our next step takes us to Turin and Houston, two cities whose pasts are influential in defining their paths toward a post-carbon future.

Steps for Sustainability: First, get some spraypaint

The streets of Lisbon are covered in art, at least according to advocates of the cultural iconography sprayed, stenciled, and sculpted across os bairros, the neighborhoods, of Lisbon. Others, in blinding contrast, view street art as unsolicited social commentary indulged by wasted resources and unrealized potential. If they only knew……