Ship Out of Water: Minneapolis puts sustainability on hold for football season

This April, the City of Lakes will have the first Water bar in the world. Yes, that’s what you just read – a bar specialized in tap water will open its doors in the Minneapolis hipster district Northeast. Even for water-rich Minneapolis — its very name originates from the Sioux…

(Renewable) Energy Capital of the World?

Houston’s commercial real estate market boomed in 2015, with the oil industry plans to expand. But the oil market’s bust has made uncertainty the rule in 2016. The lights are still on in Houston, though, as the city finds different ways to renew its status as energy capital of the world….

Where a post-carbon future confronts the ghosts of the past

Facing the recurring dilemma of change – building the bridge between the past and the future – is the responsibility that comes with the right to the city. In Denver, the redevelopment of the international airport into a model community for residential sustainability is labelled progress. But it remains haunted by its past….

Step 2: Go for a walk

We began the Steps for Sustainability in Lisbon, seeking inspiration from street artists on how to reimagine cities. Our next step takes us to Turin and Houston, two cities whose pasts are influential in defining their paths toward a post-carbon future.