POCACITO in the US – Eight to Infinity

Since POCACITO’s inception five years ago, the program has evolved into a broad series of events and exchanges that have touched five continents. The desire for informed, inspired dialogue about urban sustainability continues to grow as the consequences of inaction become more evident. What has been particularly powerful about the project, however, is the determined optimism and contagious spirit of those committed to creating a sustainable, accessible, and inclusive future. From city to city, country to country, citizens are showing up to do what they can, to share their experiences, and to learn from the network of dreamers and doers from across the globe who continue to push POCACITO forward. But as much as we look toward and work for the future, we hold on to the program’s foundation: bringing together engaged citizens to create the world we need. POCACITO tours, in their several iterations, remain our primary activity for sustaining that foundation.


2018 kicks off a new POCACITO in the US series, this time focusing on the circular economy and how to ensure that this societal transformation is accessible, inclusive, and sustainable. Following the general framework of our 2016 tours, we will visit US cities with experts and innovators from the EU to share ideas and experiences as urban areas on both sides of the Atlantic continue to navigate the path forward. However, the Eight to Infinity tours will consist of two experts from each of two cities in the EU visiting two US cities, effectively creating partnership cities, both domestic and transatlantic, and providing opportunities for deeper connections that can lead to lasting collaborations. A total of sixteen cities will participate in the exchanges over two years.


The first tour takes us to Atlanta and Pittsburgh from September 15-22, joined by experts from Munich and Zagreb. The second tour will introduce ideas from Marseille and Madrid to communities in San Antonio and New Orleans from September 29-October 6. In each city we will host a town hall forum, a workshop, meetings with local businesses and community organizations, and talk with students and universities. We will also take time to explore the cities and experience the culture. The transatlantic relationship is just as much about practical benefits for both sides as it is about personal connections.


2019 tours will include US cities Baltimore, Milwaukee, Phoenix, and St. Louis, and EU cities Warsaw, Stockholm, Rotterdam, and Ljubljana. The dates for those exchanges are not yet set.


As we get closer to our tour dates, we will post more information here about our itineraries, and you can join our conversations and activities virtually via social media, especially @pocacito on Twitter.


We’re looking forward to the POCACITO tours this fall. And we hope you will, one way or another, join us.