Communities co-create the circular economy

a POCACITO webtalk on March 14, 12pm ET

with Øystein Leonardsen from Copenhagen

In recent years, South Harbour (a disadvantaged neighborhood in Copenhagen) has been undergoing a tremendous physical development. Politicians, researchers and urban planners have in this regard infused South Harbour with new interesting initiatives working towards more integrated establishments of sustainable community-driven projects supporting circular economy enterprises, social inclusion and efficient energy consumption in businesses and dwellings in the local area.

South Harbour has strong traditions – it is an old labor district, a place where recycling and repairing skills are well respected and practiced among the citizens. Due to the social circumstances, it is therefore a natural step for the community to accommodate and nourish circular economy support and infrastructure and thereby helping environmental and social potential in South Harbour to flourish.

Life in South Harbour

In his talk, Øystein will discuss local governance models, strategies and give examples of how circular economy can support local development in a sustainable way.

About Øystein:
Øystein Leonardsen, M.Sc., Business District Manager and External lecturer.
Øystein has worked with the global transition agenda for more than 25 yrs internationally, nationally and for the last 10 yrs locally in disadvantaged areas in Copenhagen. He has developed numerous projects regarding sustainable development in a wide range of thematic: Solar powered Factory of Art and Design, community gardens, urban and commercial life in high-streets and now also promoting the circular economy. He’s specialty is governance and strategy – empowering the communities to construct lasting partnerships across sectors and anchoring the many initiatives.

And Øystein has been part of POCACITO since 2016 when he spoke in Detroit, Memphis and Minneapolis.