The Sustainability Profession: What’s Next?

Jerry Tinianow

The sustainability profession was changing before Covid came along. Now it’s changing even more. Strategies we are used to (e.g. transit) are being replaced by new ones (e.g. telecommuting). Stand-alone sustainability offices and plans are disappearing. Integration is the new order of the day. We’ll review these changes and discuss what it means for people who want to enter the field or grow their role in it.

Jerry Tinianow is the proprietor of Western Urban Sustainability Advisors, a Denver-based consultancy that advises local governments on how to build strong sustainability programs, and helps vendors that want to sell products and services to such programs. Jerry’s work in sustainability goes back over 40 years and has operated at all levels from local to international. Most recently he was Denver’s first and only Chief Sustainability Officer, leading the city to a rare Platinum ranking in the LEED for Cities and Communities program.

Jerry Tinianow, West Urb

Twitter: @DenVerdant