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Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow, POCACITO, represents a portfolio of projects all working toward the same goal: leveraging the diversity and dynamism of the world’s cities to discover and share urban solutions for the 21st century’s sustainability revolution.

The Latin word for city, civitas, was derived from civis, citizen. Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow recognizes that a sustainable future for cities is likewise rooted in the citizens. That’s why we want you, your neighbors, your colleagues, your family to participate in the process. Share your ideas and experiences, tell us about local efforts in your area, and become a member of the global community leading the transition to a sustainable future.

POCACITO will continue on the trajectory of urban sustainability, connecting people with people, breaking boundaries and borders, empowering communities to work towards a sustainable, inclusive and creative future.

We invite the POCACITO community in the US, in Europe and beyond to send us your inspirations to evolve POCACITO.

POCACITO Climate School offers age-appropriate climate change education programs middle school and high school students as well as for extra-curricular activities such as summer camps etc.

POCACITO.net is our network of POCACITO program participants throughout the past 6 years. This network for urban sustainability serves as a spring board and discussion forum for new ideas and projects.

POCACITO in the US was the program’s first transatlantic iteration. An initiative of Ecologic Institute in Washington, DC, and funded by the Delegation of the European Union to the United States‘s Getting to Know Europe program, POCACITO in the US invites experts from six EU cities to help lead interactive workshops in US cities to address three primary sustainability issues: urban mobility, water management, and energy efficient buildings; and circular economy. Find out more at: POCACITO in the US.

POCACITO in Germany brought young urban sustainability professionals from the US to Germany over five years, fostering dialogue and collaboration among two of the world’s most influential economies and securing the close relationship between the countries for another generation, financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy’s European Recovery Program. To learn more, visit POCACITO in Germany.

2014 was the inaugural year for POCACITO. A consortium of European research and policy institutes, initiated a process of collaboration among ten EU cities to share implementation strategies and develop a network for stakeholders to address the environmental, economic, and social impacts of urbanization. Find out more about POCACITO in the EU.

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