Category: circular economy

  • Unity House Detroit – with Eric Douglas and Alex Kwon

    Eric Douglas and Alex Kwon are community organizers and sustainability professionals with Graft Living Detroit. They create high-value solutions rooted in sustainability and environmental justice. 

  • Regenerating Sonora: Applying Regenerative Principles and Practices

    with special guest Christopher Casillas. POCACITO met Chris when visiting Superior, Arizona in 2019. We are so glad to have him join us online. Regeneration goes well-beyond agriculture. See how a small Arizona town is using regenerative principles and practices to better serve life in their community. By the end of this talk, you’ll be able to…

  • How to overcome the challenges of online shopping, 11/4/20

    With the spread of COVID-19, online shopping has seen a massive increase across the globe. Online retail has spurred a massive growth of packaging in recycling streams, but also is a growing contributor to air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and congestion. This is true just as well in the United States as in Europe. Experts and…

  • Carolina Farm Trust – building resilient communities

    Alex Alcorn is currently the Director of Marketing and Communications at Carolina Farm Trust, a Charlotte-based non-profit serving North and South Carolina. Alex is a community organizer and public health professional with expertise in organizational strategy, community engagement, and public policy.  This presentation continues our discussion of how justice, food, agriculture and sustainability are linked.

  • Closing the Loop – zero 3

    with Jason Morenikeji, Director, Urban Farming Company. The Urban Farming Company uses circular economy thinking to reduce economic and ecological food footprints. Their solution – called Zero3 ( – explores the value potential of the organic waste flowing through our cities. With the vision of creating a zero waste, zero carbon and zero food miles…