Category: Justice

  • Unity House Detroit – with Eric Douglas and Alex Kwon

    Eric Douglas and Alex Kwon are community organizers and sustainability professionals with Graft Living Detroit. They create high-value solutions rooted in sustainability and environmental justice. 

  • Resilient, green and just

    using systems of capital and ecology as a case against austerity in the age of the rona Nat Zorach, AICP, is the voice behind Handbuilt City, which was conceived in 2011 as a “think/do” tank which could serve as a cure for the common community development enterprise. Before, Nat has been working in St. Louis with RJ Koscielniak,…

  • POCACITO BLM – June 18, 2020

    A whole lot is happening every week and while nobody has all the answers, together, we can find ways to respond and to deal with the challenges we all face while pursuing sustainable cities: be it health, equity or racism or all three together. Our three speakers: Jordie Vasquez, architect by training and green urbanist…