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The Sustainability Profession: What’s Next?

October 13, 2020Comments Off on The Sustainability Profession: What’s Next?

The sustainability profession was changing before Covid came along. Now it’s changing even more. Strategies we are used to (e.g. transit) are being replaced by new ones (e.g. telecommuting). Stand-alone sustainability offices and plans are disappearing. Integration is the new order of the day. We’ll review these changes and discuss…

Step 4: Roll tape

December 14, 2015 ,,,Comments Off on Step 4: Roll tape

Last time we wandered the halls of La Scala in Milan and juke joints of Memphis to discover (and hear) how music inspires the dynamism and identity of cities, essential foundations for the post-carbon cities of tomorrow. The fourth step takes us on a vision quest through Malmö and Minneapolis, two more…

Step 3: Lay some vinyl

November 25, 2015 ,,,Comments Off on Step 3: Lay some vinyl

We began by scoping street art in Lisbon. We walked the stories, past and future, of Houston and Turin. Now, for our third step for sustainability, we explore the idea of resiliency, what makes a city resilient, and find ourselves wholly entertained by the sounds of Milan and Memphis.  …

Step 2: Go for a walk

November 11, 2015 ,,,,,Comments Off on Step 2: Go for a walk

We began the Steps for Sustainability in Lisbon, seeking inspiration from street artists on how to reimagine cities. Our next step takes us to Turin and Houston, two cities whose pasts are influential in defining their paths toward a post-carbon future.

Steps for Sustainability: First, get some spraypaint

November 5, 2015 ,,,,,Comments Off on Steps for Sustainability: First, get some spraypaint

The streets of Lisbon are covered in art, at least according to advocates of the cultural iconography sprayed, stenciled, and sculpted across os bairros, the neighborhoods, of Lisbon. Others, in blinding contrast, view street art as unsolicited social commentary indulged by wasted resources and unrealized potential. If they only knew……