Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow

Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow, POCACITO, is a portfolio of projects that work to leverage the cultural diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative nature of the world’s cities and the people who call them home to find sustainable solutions to the environmental issues of the 21st century.

With the three POCACITO projects running simultaneously, we have begun creating a constellation of cities, starting in Europe and the United States, that are working together to get creative in confronting the biggest challenges they face.

We want you to get involved. Join the conversation. Share your ideas and experiences.

We want to know what is working — and what’s been learned — in every corner of the planet. Is your city experimenting with a new urban mobility solution? Have you found a way to recycle rain water? How is your community coming together to transition to a post-carbon future?

POCACITO began as a European Union research project in 2014. Today, there are three projects: POCACITO in the US, POCACITO in Germany, and the original, POCACITO in the EU. You can follow the story on our POCACITO blog, join the conversation on Twitter, and share your ideas and insights as we all work together to create a sustainable future.