POCACITO in Houston, Denver and Las Vegas

From June 6 to June 10, 2016, POCACITO visited Houston, TX, Denver, CO and Las Vegas, NV.

Very special thanks to our visitors form Europe:

Maria Berrini was speaking on Urban Mobility. She is the CEO of AMAT, Milan’s agency for mobility, environment, and land use planning. She previously served as President of Ambiente Italia, one of Italy’s leading research and policy institutes for urban and environmental issues. She is a trained architect specializing in energy efficiency and green building developments. During her tenure at AMAT, she has developed strong collaborations with other EU cities and led the implementation of several key initiatives, including Area C, to reduce air pollution and make the city center more walkable, accessible, and sustainable.

Jordi Oliver i Solà was speaking on sustainable water management. He is the co-founder and Executive Director of Inèdit Innova, a Barcelona environmental consulting group specializing in eco-design and eco-innovations. He also works as a professor and researcher at ELISAVA, one of Europe’s top architecture and design schools, and at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His work on sustainable urban water systems, life-cycle processes, and green roofs have been integral to Barcelona’s ambitious sustainability plans and objectives.

Johanna Ekne was speaking on sustainable community development. He has worked with local communities, international government agencies, and non-profit organizations to build community-based solutions to sustainability issues throughout her career. Currently she is a project manager for a Malmö, Sweden-based non-profit focused on the circular economy and sustainable public procurement. While working with the city of Malmö’s environmental department, she managed cooperations and collaborations with fledgling sustainability efforts in Russia, Namibia, and Turkey.

During the week, we ran three all-day world café workshops on sustainable mobility, water management, and building sustainable communities. You can watch and download the three presentations here:

Our Workshops produced tons of ideas, some of which you can find on the posters:


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Las Vegas:

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And some more photos from the three cities:

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