Global Climate Action-Local Leadership in Jackson, Wyoming


POCACITO connections continue to create new opportunities. As we were developing a series of ‘Road to California’ events to draw attention to the upcoming Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, we wrote to an alumna from the 2018 POCACITO in Germany program, Emily Cohen, who works in the planning office at Teton County in Wyoming. In short order we discovered that Jackson, Wyoming, was an ideal place to extend the German-American dialogue about local climate leadership, so we’ve put together a forum for Sunday, September 9, that includes business and policy experts from Germany and local leaders to exchange ideas and experiences implementing critical climate action policies that also support the economic and social needs of the community.


The event is open to the public, so if you happen to be in Wyoming – or are looking for a good excuse to visit this beautiful place – you can register here. After Jackson, we’ll head to Santa Fe and Albuquerque (not in hot air balloons, unfortunately). As always, you can also keep up with our travels on Twitter @pocacito and @EcologicDC.


Ecologic Institute and the Transatlantic Climate Bridge bring Global CALL to Jackson


As business and government leaders from around the world prepare to meet in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit, Ecologic Institute and the Transatlantic Climate Bridge, with support from the Federal Government of Germany, will bring the global conversation to the local level in Jackson on Sunday, September 9. The Global Climate Action-Local Leadership, Global CALL, addresses local concerns about climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies with insights and experiences from Germany, a recognized world leader in ambitious yet considered climate policies.


Germany’s efforts to fight climate change without sacrificing economic growth and energy security are founded on an integrative policy approach that includes ideas and input from industry, as well as scientific research and engaged citizens. Although the path has not always been smooth, the multi-stakeholder process has grounded the commitments to the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals in broader society. Lessons from the German experience can help communities develop and sustain their own climate goals.


Event speakers helping to tell Germany’s story include Wolfgang Saam, cofounder and Managing Director of Klimaschutz-Unternehmen, an association of corporations committed to climate protection; Dr. Christoph Stefes, Associate Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver and a leading expert in renewable energy policy; and Klaus Hoppe, former head of energy and climate for the city of Freiburg and now an international consultant helping cities and civil society improve and implement environmental policies.


To bring these lessons to the local level, the German speakers are joined by Alicia Cox of Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities, Phil Cameron from Energy Conservation Works, Mark Newcomb of the Teton County Board of County Commissioners and Tricia O’Connor from Bridger-Teton National Forest.


“The Global CALL will not only stimulate the local and regional discussion about climate mitigation policies, but will also support German-American transatlantic cooperation at the personal, citizen level. We’re looking forward to a climate discussion as unique and inspiring as the landscape in Wyoming,” says Max Gruenig, President of Ecologic Institute.


Global CALL will take place at Teton County Library in Jackson from 9am-12noon. Registrations can be made at